**最新バージョン:6.46(2020/5/9時点) [#uad577ec]
**最新バージョン [#q9fa00b0]
***[[変更事項>http://www.power-and-revolution.com/maj.php]] [#ibeb1d06]
-power and revolution 2019 editionのパッチ6.44においてmodding toolを使ったセーブデータの修正。
**過去のパッチ更新情報 [#v69f9840]
Only for 2019 editon.
-Correction of inactive gray buttons when playing an opposition party
-Correction of crashes during some city battles
-Improved electoral results calculation algorithm with better balance of score components
-Correction of the calculation of the budgetary cost for legislation relating to tax exemptions
-Corrections on the movements of the commandos
-Improvements of path calculations in the movements of military units
-Implementation of the action 'Retreat' for military units in battles of cities
-Correction for the USA-North Korea scenario
-Contextual Date for Terrorist Threat Scenario
-Unlocking the theme 'Education' during the electoral debate
-Modding tool: taking into account changes in the Army menu
-Modding tool: displaying changes to family allowances
-Modding tool: display labels of new tax taxes
-Modding tool: conservation of transport lines in case of annexation
-Modding tool: correction of army moves for mods in the past
-Update of the number of servicemen active in Brazil *
-Update of the population of Doha
-Adjustment of production estimates for renewable energy plants that are placed on the map
-Added a scroll bar in economic sectors when creating a new organization of producing countries
-Correction on the job title of political activists after an election won by an opposition IA party when playing the legal opposition game mode
-Correction on the algorithm for calculating the estimated growth
-Increased per-unit production of renewable energy plants (the price ratio remains the same)
-Added the possibility of playing the Venezuelan opposition
-Correction of the Tax Button in the Modding Tool
-Taking into account the dates and results of the Spanish and Ukrainian elections of 2019
-Taking into account the results of the 2019 European elections (France, Italy, Germany) in the electoral results calculation algorithm
-Addition of a new Ukrainian party and the face of the new Ukrainian President
-Modification of the political situation of the regions of Abkhazia and North Ossetia in Georgia
-Correction of the display of the number of victims of disasters when the number is immense
-Update of the departure date of the 2019 cycling tour of France
-Added Australian Space Agency and its launch site
-Added a blocking in the head of the requests of a request with treaty of peace
-Correction in the request to dismantle military camp
-Updated data on Chinese transportation
-Modding: corrections for the suppression and creation of terrorist groups
-Update of the organizing cities of the world athletics championships
-Adjustment of the outbreak equation of cholera epidemics
-Correction of dismissals of ministers at the end of the list of government
-Modding: taking into account the value of the modified debt
-Update of Estonia population data
-Integration of international discoveries for the return on the construction of the first line Hyperloop
-Correction against a frozen budget cost
-Adjustment of calculation of loss of popularity following ministerial scandal
-Modding tool: modification to take into account the change of the number of soldiers in a mod
-Correction for automatic appointment of minister in certain countries
-Improved hunting path search algorithm based on territories overflown
-Correction of electoral programs still unpopular in countries with budget surplus
-Modding: correction during annexations of digital infrastructures
-Application of an impact to the sect grant
-Addition of defense points of tanks in battle of city
-Correction of Speed ​​Limitation legislation in the Modding tool
-Update of various data and elements on the map for Ukraine
-Correction on the localization in a mod of oil rigs
-Modification of the date of completion of certain space missions
-Correction on the opening of the mods page following very large mods
-Added of the city of Poitiers in France
-Added the possibility of subsidizing the cannabis sector
-Correction on the titles of festivals and cultural days in case of multiple creation
-Possibility of dissolution of parliament and new elections in certain monarchies
-Display of new energy units created in a mod on the modding tool map
-Updated data from Brazil
-Addition of El Dorado International Airport in Colombia
-Modification of the political party of the French Homeland Minister of the Interior
-Added Greek soldiers at the Nicosia military base in Cyprus
-Correction of the News of the Motorcycle World Championship in Italian language
-Repositioning of the Japanese nuclear power station Higashidori
-Improvements of translations in various languages
-Correction of the duration of construction of the wall between USA and Mexico
-Adjustment of the calculation of the global warming curve in a scenario starting in the future
-Preservation of strategic alliances after dismantling military camp abroad
-Modification of the font of the country names in a mod
-Implementation of a return to the build menu after a construction placed on the map
-Validation of Kosovo for membership application to the EU and the European Space Agency
-Automatic addition of a military base settlement agreement of the winning country to the defeated country in the case of a peace treaty with 'Autonomous Colony'
-Improving interest rate trading with an international lender
-Correction on ministerial absences due to accidents
-Modification of the unit displayed in the CO2 capture constructions panel
-Correction on the misalignment of nationalization flags in the service sectors
-Adjustment of discovery times for certain space and military discoveries
-Opening of the economic sectors of alcohol after the authorization of consumption of alcohol in the country
-Updated passenger traffic from major airports around the world
-Adjusting the calculation of purchasing power in countries with many nationalized sectors
-Various small corrections
Specific patch for 2018 addon
-Improving the calculation of a country's human rights level
-Apply a 2/3 rule for membership votes to standard organizations
-Correction on the surveillance of a city by a satellite
-Adjust oil rigs in Brazil
-Adjustment on the evolution calculation of the HDI
-Accounting the size of the country in the popularity gains related to construction
-Correction on budgets and pib after annexation
-Correction on airport statistics
-Affectation of military buildings during the creation of helicopter units with the God'n'Spy
-Evolution of the 3rd degree schooling variable
-Correction on former US President’s face
-Correction on the referendum of independence
-Correction of popularity gain in regional digital infrastructure constructions
-Displaying environmental themes in the comparison maps
-Management of Nobel Prizes
-Updates of many values ​​in Ukraine (including highways and airport)
-A direct route assignment for commando units
-Indication of surveillance or not in the secret files of personalities
-Correction on electoral programs after the election
-Setting of no terrorist actions when parameters Terrorism to 0
-Management and limitation of military intervention authorization messages
-Effocation terrorist presence on the map after massive dismantling of the organization
-Various corrections (translations, freeze, texts ...)
Specific patch for 2018 Edtion
-Possibility to display the electoral map for all countries of the world, including for non-players
-Unlocking frozen airplanes
-Corrections on the construction of high-speed lines, and on the main highways from the map menu
-Update of the populations of the oblasts and some Russian cities and parts of Brazil
-Integration of offshore wind turbine constructions
-Specific flags for Iraqi and Syrian Kurds
-Added Montenegro to NATO
-Modification of the list of US secret agent networks abroad
-Adjust Bellicism parameter
-God'n'Spy: values ​​preserved in the panels of terrorist organizations
-Adjustments of Diplomatic Relations Between the Gulf Countries and Between Certain African Muslim Countries
-Correction on demonstrations for lack of staff in the administration
-Modifications minimum wages for different countries
-Correction on creation of mod with annexation of countries and taking into account of media infrastructures
-Expanding the end date when creating a mod
-Best legibility of the small Russian font
-Modification of the political trend of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
-Accounting the state budget in the cost of creating and managing a space agency
-Various Corrections

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